Why a competition on natural and technological hazards in 2019?
Natural hazards and technological accidents can cause victims and great economic losses. If prevention is not possible for many hazards, we can try to reduce vulnerability to disasters by providing, in particular to teachers and school students, accurate information on hazards, disasters and how to mitigate its consequences.

In order to foster knowledge on hazards and the associated preventive measures among secondary school students, an Olympiad on Natural and Technological Hazards will be organized in April 2019 under the auspices of the European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement (EUR-OPA) of the Council of Europe, a platform for co-operation between 26 countries of Europe and the South of the Mediterranean in the field of disaster prevention and preparedness since 1987.
The 2019 Olympiad structure
The Olympiad will consist of an online competition (for a more detailed description of the competition, please consult the attached rules). It will be open primarily to all secondary school classes of the 26 member States of the Agreement.
The Quiz will be based on the content of BeSafeNet.net, a web-portal on Risk Awareness promoted by the EUR-OPA Agreement and developed in collaboration with the Cyprus Civil Defence.
Based on its associated centres’ respective fields of expertise (earthquakes, landslides, floods, nuclear accidents, etc.), it provides trusted educational material about hazards, risks and preparedness.

The five subjects of the competition Olympiad 2019 are:
  1. Earthquakes
  2. Tsunami 
  3. Landslides
  4. Radiological emergencies and
  5. Chemical emergencies

To have an idea of the kind of questions included in the Quiz, you can look at the Knowledge Tests section for some examples.
How to participate to the Olympiad?

1. Create a team
Identify an endorsing teacher and the students (a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10) composing the team.

2. Register your team online 
Use the above REGISTER button to fill the registration form associated to your team.

3. Activate the team’s specific account
An activation email will be sent to the contact email provided in order to activate your team’s account. Click on the link included in that activation email.

4. Specify your team’s members
Click on the SIGN IN button to access to your team’s account and click on TEAM PROFILE from the top menu of the web page to enter students details.

5. Choose Olympiad 2019 in Ongoing competitions
Click on the COMPETITIONS button from the top menu of the web page and click on JOIN THE COMPETITION button next to Olympiad 2019 to participation to the Olympiad 2019.

6. Modify, if necessary, the team’s details
Until a week before the competition, you can modify some data associated with your team by clicking on the below SIGN IN button to access to your team account and use the top menu’s option TEAM PROFILE to make the changes.

7. Take part to the competition
On the announced date and hour for the competition, sign into your team’s account and click on the GO TO COMPETITION button when available.

The three best teams will be awarded respectively the following gifts:

• Gold certificate for winning team and a 750 € voucher for the school library (the teacher and students will also receive some small presents).
• Silver certificate for second classified team and a 500 € voucher for the school library (the teacher and students will also receive some small presents).
• Bronze certificate for third classified team and a 250 € voucher for the school library (the teacher and students will also receive some small presents).
• All other participant teams reaching a score of more than 75% of good answers will receive a diploma.

A teacher and one student from each one of the best three teams will attend to a nomination ceremony at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

The list of gifts includes:
  • 3 IPADs
  • 200 drinking bottles
  • 200 watches
  • Other consolation prizes 

Download Olympiad's Poster here